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this company called me and solicited me for a home inspection, after i dis agreed to the solicitation

a man named jim shelton showed up at my home the following day and insisted i set the appointment..

rather than arguing with him i let him proceed .. he checked only the exterior of my home and told me i had

termites, he gave me a quote to kill the termites but i respectfully declined, the next day i recieved a call from

him stating that he did treatment on my home and i owed him 4400 dollars, i couldnt belive what he was saying

upon checking my house he apparently drilled holes and did a treatment without my consent, and now is trying to

collect money from me.. ive had a resturant business for 22 years and i would never think of treating people that

way, trust me this guy jim is a scam artist and deseres to be arrested..fellow home owners what ever you do

dont use this guy hes a fake and a phony, and wont be in business long with the public as his target

and his snake like tricks, something or someone is bound to catch him in the act.. beware

Monetary Loss: $4400.

  • fumigation
  • wood repair
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Los Angeles, California, United States #814996

This is likely a made-up report from a competitor.

I have spoken with Jim Shelton and his staff with regards to this horrible complaint. He has denied that this terrible incident ever took place.

He would never rip off clients or has never SOLD a job to a Dan Valencia in Torrance. We feel that this might be a competitor's effort of damaging Calstar's business reputation.

We have researched our database for a person named Dan Valencia and simply could not find one. I have interviewed the owner and staff with regards to this un-warranted and false complaint. It has caused us to lose customers, customers confidence as well as good future employees.

It is time to address to false claim .

We are asking help from PissedConsumers to validate this claim or remove it from its website.

I cannot imagine that anyone can just post false and financially damaging information without some form of verification. We are now prepared to resolve this issue and take all available legal remedies to correct this unjust action.

Dave Fox

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